TODO Node idea: Specifics of my blog post authoring process with emacs, org-mode, ox-hugo, and org-roam.

TODO Node idea: Thoughts on productivity, guilt, and free time as an illusion.

TODO Node idea: My process for managing my Anki cards in Emacs.

TODO Node idea: Future impact of climate change on USA with focus on picking a place to live

TODO Tag nodes with concept

TODO Tag nodes with reference

TODO Tag nodes with person

TODO Tag nodes with quote

TODO Node idea: Akido/etc as a metaphor for redirecting unhelpful thoughts. “I must be productive at all times” can become helpful by redefining what it means to be productive and the types of activities which are productive.

TODO Node idea: Hard truths I’ve learned and (hopefully) internalized - or - things I read when I was young and just started “getting” recently; tacit knowledge

TODO Node idea: I’m not good at keepting habits; techinquest to improve the likelyhood of success; the hardest thing I’ve ever done is establish and maintain habits; the most impactful things I’ve ever done have been in establishing and maintaining habits

TODO Node idea: Do small experiments; Time yourself for a few minutes to extrapolate for a whole task

TODO Node idea: Preference falsification; broader than virtue signaling

TODO Node idea: Steelman (as opposed to strawman)

TODO Acting in line with my values requires occassional disagreement or broaching uncomfortable topics or cutting people out of my life. I have found those actions to be worthwhile in 100% of cases.

TODO Node idea: Try to proactively solve problems; fix things before they’re even problems. Avoid war by removing the conditions that give rise to war.

TODO Node idea: “If you face reality too much, it kills you. ~ Woody Allen”

TODO Node idea: Overall workflow for roam notes is to have individual ideas that build up connections over time. These connections form groups from which synthesized ideas can be extracted. The roam notes aren’t meant to be read by others on their own – other should start with the synthesis.

TODO Node idea: Be curious; implies a growth mindset; implies humbleness and “I don’t know everything”; required careful listening and attention rather than “waiting for you to finish so I can say my thing”

TODO Node idea:

TODO Node idea: Butlarian Jihad

TODO Node idea: Don’t go back to sleep (; Learn from experiences and don’t just revert to prior behaviors

TODO Node idea: Consume media/essays/etc using RSS or another non-intrusive “background”-type process

TODO Node idea: Focus on topics/areas for some amount of time; analogous to multi-tasking. Don’t read a lisp article, then a farming article, then a political article (or books, etc). Dive into lisp for a little while, say a week of focus, summarize what you’ve taken away, then move to another topic. Work to synthesize later.

TODO Node idea: You think the way you practice. To think with a long term perspective it isn’t sufficient to know a long term perspective exists – you must cultivate a regular practice of long term thinking. Perhaps take up bonsai or another hobby/etc which forces a long term perspective.

TODO Things you’re allowed to do

Things you are allowed to do, academic edition

Things You’re Allowed to Do

Things You’re Allowed to Do, academic edition

TODO Atomic habits, tiny habits, power of habit: Habits

TODO Node idea: Stating the basics is a good starting point. It’s easy to assume your audience has already heard X so you omit it. Try including it nonetheless

TODO Use to identify unconnected nodes

TODO Node idea: Concept, not sure of name, things like litany against fear, serenity prayer, etc, are phrases (better word?) that are used to bring about a particular state of mind

Term ideas:

  • perspective bridges


TODO Node idea: “Keep a Code” Keep to a code of ethics that you define. The “lawful” alignment in the old d&d grids

TODO Node idea: Habits I keep, or am trying to keep

TODO Remove customized attachment dir properties from all nodes

TODO Node idea: Org-mode as a personal relationship management platform. org-roam, nodes-as-contacts, Google Drive as storage

TODO Node idea: Simple things are hard, simple things are true

TODO Learn about Edith Health

TODO Node idea: Parenting / Interacting with Children

TODO Node idea: Writing good software / Software patterns I like

  • Pure Functions
  • “Bad programmers worry about the code. Good programmers worry about data structures and their relationships.” - Linus Torvalds
  • (Smith n.d.)
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TODO Node idea: Understand Before Building


TODO Node idea: Picking a place to live based on climate change

TODO Node idea: Designing a home