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Dan Carley’s commit in alphagov/govuk-puppet:

Convert template to US-ASCII to fix error

I introduced some tests in a feature branch to match the contents of
`/etc/nginx/router_routes.conf`. They worked fine when run with `bundle exec
rake spec` or `bundle exec rspec modules/router/spec`. But when run as
`bundle exec rake` each should block failed with:

      invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII

I eventually found that removing the `.with_content(//)` matchers made the
errors go away. That there weren't any weird characters in the spec file. And
that it could be reproduced by requiring Puppet in the same interpreter with:

    rake -E 'require "puppet"' spec

That particular template appears to be the only file in our codebase with an
identified encoding of `utf-8`. All others are `us-ascii`:

    dcarley-MBA:puppet dcarley$ find modules -type f -exec file --mime {} \+ | grep utf
    modules/router/templates/routes.conf.erb:                                         text/plain; charset=utf-8

Attempting to convert that file back to US-ASCII identified the offending
character as something that looked like a whitespace:

    dcarley-MBA:puppet dcarley$ iconv -f UTF8 -t US-ASCII modules/router/templates/routes.conf.erb 2>&1 | tail -n5
      proxy_intercept_errors off;

      # Set proxy timeout to 50 seconds as a quick fix for problems
    iconv: modules/router/templates/routes.conf.erb:458:3: cannot convert

After replacing it (by hand) the file identifies as `us-ascii` again:

    dcarley-MBA:puppet dcarley$ file --mime modules/router/templates/routes.conf.erb
    modules/router/templates/routes.conf.erb: text/plain; charset=us-ascii

Now the tests work! One hour of my life I won't get back..

It explains the reason for the change

The best commit messages I’ve seen don’t just explain what they’ve changed: they explain why.

It’s searchable

One of the first things in this commit message is the error message that inspired the change:

  invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII

It tells a story

This commit message goes into a lot of detail about what the problem looked like, what the process of investigating it looked like, and what the process of fixing it looked like.


Thompson, David. 2019. “My Favourite Git Commit.” Dhwthompson.Com. https://dhwthompson.com/2019/my-favourite-git-commit.