Tim Peck, (Peck 2017)


Type Fun in the moment Fun when looking back
1 Yes Yes
2 No Yes
3 No No



Type three fun is the sticking point for most people:

[…] [I]t’s the type that makes most of us go crawling back to Type 1, and say, “The heck with Type 2, because it’s just too damned close to Type 3.” While we often learn something from our suffering during Type 2 that furthers our outdoor knowledge and experience, it’s Type 3 that chases us away from activities altogether. In fact, most great stories of Type 3 Fun will include the phrase, “And that was the last time I…”


Peck, Tim. 2017. “What Are the Three Types of Fun?” Goeast. https://goeast.ems.com/three-types-of-fun/.